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Using the internet to source and purchase your watch is a smart thing to do, but there are some guidelines you should follow. Please consider the following when buying a low end day wear watch or an exclusive high end time piece. You don't want to make an expensive mistake that you can't later undo.

Firstly use the power of the internet to decide on the right watch for you. This can save you much shoe leather trudging from shop to shop to identify the exact make and model watch you require. It also prevents you from jumping in and making a premature purchase from a canny sales person, who convinces you to buy something you didn't really want. Browse the various online watch providers to identify the style of watch (e.g. sports style watch, dress watch, diving watch, outdoor watch etc).Once you are happy with your watch style, refine your online searching for this type of watch only. From here you need to identify the exact watch make and model you require. I suggest you read a number of independent reviews of the watch, before considering making an online purchase.

Secondly you need to find the right online vendor. Again using online searching techniques, determine who stocks and sells the watch in question. Make a list of these online vendors (a minimum of 5 should be sought). Obviously price will be the biggest determinant in choosing the vendor - so let's spend a moment thinking of price. Don't immediately assume the vendor with the lowest headline price is the cheapest. Consider all the additional costs that may be added to make up the total price. For example, some vendors will add a state tax, a federal tax, a shipping cost, a custom import charge may be applied if the item is being imported from another country. Top tip - most sites allow you to add the item to the shopping cart. Use this feature, as if you were making the purchase, but stop short of giving your credit card details. At this point you should be shown a total sale price.

Finally, when choosing your vendor, consider things like lead time to deliver the item to your door. Does the watch come with a manufacturers warranty? What is the vendors return policy? Does the vendor use a secure payment policy? Can you find some feedback on this vendor from previous happy (or disgruntled) customers?

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