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Through the years Sony has brought so many great products to consumers world wide that many people consider them to be the premier electronics manufacturer of all time. Yes, there have been bigger bangs in the digital world, but most any other producer of great consumer electronics has hit a peak and then started to slide down the slippery slope. Sony on the other hand started off with the original personal and portable music system called the Walkman. This was the first big consumer electronics product that most Americans remember from this company, but most definitely not the last. Sony has continued to innovate and bring new Sony technology to the public's eyes and there is no sign of this electronics giant slowing down any time soon.

This amazing company has brought all sorts of new innovations from digital cameras to the computer world, they have impacted almost everyone's life in some way. The chances are that you in fact have something in your house right now that was made by Sony. The Cybershot camera line that they produce, is one of the most popular in the industry. Combining ease of use with high quality optics they have made a perfect marriage of style and functionality that the world over has simply fell in love with.

They have also make one of the largest impacts in the gaming world since the original Nintendo when they released the PlayStation line of gaming systems. The high end graphics intense hardware setup has made this a platform of choice for game developers and home users of these systems. Now that they have made a portable version, well actually years ago, they have rivaled any portable gaming device on the market as well. It seems that Sony is unbeatable in almost any industry that they enter.

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The Vaio laptop Promotion and Bravia TV's have also become huge hits with consumers UK. Their constant quality and high end electronics are hard to beat. Some will argue that their prices are too high on some of their electronics, but most agree that the trade off for their unmatchable quality is well worth the difference. For many electronics and gadgets lovers, there is only one question to ask when they are choosing a new cell phone, game system, laptop or even a new 3D television set for living room. That question is simply "Is it a Sony?" and that is why this company will continue to succeed in any business. You simply cannot buy brand recognition like this!

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