TomTom XL Classic Satellite Navigation UK & ROI Deal

TomTom XL Classic Satellite Navigation UK & ROI Deal @

With TomTom XL, the attractive EasyPort mount can be left on the device and folded flat after use. The complete unit, including the mount, is then small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or bag when you leave the vehicle.In addition, the TomTom XL is equipped with a completely revised audio system so that navigation instructions are even more loud and clear at all times even above outside traffic noise or a car full of excited children.

A really useful thing,
By Mohan (London)
This review is from: TomTom XL Classic Satellite Navigation UK & ROI (Electronics)

Went from London to an isolated farm near Wetherby that was at the end of 2 miles of a private no-name road. The TomTom guided me accurately to the house on the farm. If I had tried using a map, I would have wasted a lot of time and petrol finding this place.

From the farm, my friend and I went to another address in her BMW that had a built in satnav. I took my TomTom too to compare. The TomTom was far superior in the clarity of the instructions both on-screen and voice. On the way back, the BMW satnav stopped functioning as we approached the private road while the TomTom again guided us right through the private road and to the house.

Maybe other satnavs have some of the features like approaching speed camera warning, current speed, speed limit and above speed limit indication, time now and estimatd time of arrival and miles, hours and minutes to go, but I found them very clear and useful on the TomTom.

When you get this product, download the full postcode patch. Otherwise it only recognises the first half of the postcode. If it was not for the poor instruction manual, web site, faqs, etc, I would bave given it 5 stars.

TomTom XL Classic Satellite Navigation UK & ROI Deal @

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