Philips TT2021 Bodygroom Rechargeable Male Body Hair Trimmer

Philips TT2021 Bodygroom Rechargeable Male Body Hair Trimmer Deal of the week

Fully waterproof rechargeable bodyshave groomer for men with the benefit of using in the shower
Ergonomic design for easy grip with charging stand for maximum convenience
For use on all body zones: chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders
Hypoallergenic foil and stainless-steel blades
Charging time: 8 hours for up to 50 minutes of cordless operation

essential grooming tool

I was looking for something to trim the groin area and to trim and shave in an even more delicate area (as a way of avoiding hot wax strips in tender areas), and Philips seem to be the only ones offering something for this need. They actually have a range of shavers bearing the Bodygroom name. There is a cheaper one than this for about £14 but it had dreadful reviews so maybe that was their 'prototype' - a first try at getting it right. There are two more after this one; a 'silver' Bodygroom on amazon for about £45, and the TT2030 - top of the range, going for about £50 at Argos. So i did my research on reviews trying to work out what was the best to go for. In the end i couldn't see any difference worth paying for between this model and the top one (ok, it has a storage place for the attachments in its base but thats it!).

So how is it in actual use? Excellent. It does come with 3 attachments (one review said it only had one) but i found that after you get your confidence with it, its easier to use it without any. It really doesn't cut or nick at all ( i saw a review that talked as if it had mutilated the guy...ignore!). I personally found it easier to use dry but it works with the show on just as happily, as advertised.

I wrote this to help anyone who like me had decided they wanted one but were unsure of which model to go for. This model is the one that has that happy combination of perfect performance at a great price and i can thoroughly recommend it. If you can excuse the pun, this is a cracking product!

Philips TT2021 Bodygroom Rechargeable Male Body Hair Trimmer Deal of the week

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